End Call Reluctance In 6 Sessions...Without Alcohol.
*Complete Recordings and all leads sources and cold calling scripts included*

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Warm Market Boss with Art of Recruiting Bonus

Includes 100 Customers $97!

We will be using these scripts for the calls so you'll want this. The bonuses will give you customer and recruiting scripts WE used to build 6 different companies to the top in record time. 

You get to use word models that make someone say, "Here's my CC...I want that!"

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If you worry about making "the call" because...

- what if they say NO

-What if they get mad because you asked them for money

- What if they HATE network marketing...

And the panic induced sweaty palms set in...

End Call Reluctance...

Get rid of that in ONE session at the deep level with Dr. Heidi

Then prove you've got rid of it be doing the calls without angst the following week with Vic and me...by MAKING those calls FUN and exciting for you AND whoever is at the other end.

Ready for that?

What would the rest of your business life be like with NO MORE CALL reluctance?

What would the next 10-20 years be like if you held on to that calling angst and NEVER even built up that big beautiful income for yourself and those you love and want to support?

PS We WILL be using the Warm Market Boss Scripts so get those in the special offer here, OK?


Orange book ($5.55)
Warm Market Boss ($97)
Art of Recruiting ($167)
100 Customers 100 Days ($97
End of Rejection Challenge ($147)

Total free bonuses: $513.55

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I always struggled selling things, and after hearing Module 2 of Kim's 100 Customers 100 Days class, I realized that I was using 'techno-babble' and actually scaring my prospects away. Since changing that part of my presentation I've gone on to sell millions of dollars....And for you Facebook lovers...Nobody I know has mastered the art of the online sign up like Kim Klaver. In just 3-4 phrases and questions on Facebook, she's signed up over 300 people at the top of the pay plan... If you plan to build your NWM online, Kim has proven she can replicate what she’s famous for offline, through online funnels.

Russell Brunson
Founder of Click Funnels
I could see people in my downline who were stuck, even they were attending company events, weekly team calls, reading and learning, the rally cry of 'talk to more people', 'more action' wasn't helping them.

I thought 'they won't stay around forever if they don't see progress'... I need to find the missing link..'

*I found Kim Klaver*

90 Days Later…They are so engaged again, their conversations are feeling good for them instead of awkward, they are loving 'selling' and loving talking to people about what they sell... they have hope again.

PS One gent who has 6 team members engaged again has increased his income by $3500 a week.

Jennifer Schultz
7-Figure-a-year earner in her Network Marketing company

End Call Reluctance Complete Recordings$0