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There are no cash refunds for this program as nothing is held back. We want you to succeed and will help you all we can. :)
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3 Scripts I used to build 6 companies to the top

5 MP3s with "worst scripts" doctored $37!
5 MP3s with one line openers your niche responds to, "worst scripts" doctored live...and "show me the money" word models that make someone say, "Here's my CC...I want that!"

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Big New Way Network Marketing 11-22: with FEELER First $1997 Bonus$0

4 Main sessions w Kim and Brooke

Weekly LIVE Q&As with Kim and Brooke help you develop your attraction posts to enroll peeps.

WEEK ONE: How to discover exactly what THEY want and the words they use so you can offer that.

Becoming an Advisor To Your Niche

How to discover exactly  what THEY want and the words they use so you can offer that.

1) Advisor checklist; 2) Market research interview questions

WEEK TWO: Create Your Irresistible offer to those longing for it... 

*Includes: Model Offer Checklist PDF; + Irresistible Offer Structure review with Kim.

WEEK THREE:  How to create your "educational mini masterpiece" that markets for you 24/7 and sets you up as Advisor, not seller.

Evergreen educational assets that work to bring in interested clients 24/7.

*Includes: The four different educational piece creation formulas that successful people have working for them 24-7.  DEEP dive into PDF and Video with examples to model.

WEEK FOUR: Get your educational pieces into the hands of those waiting for them. 

Attract the sheep who "hear your voice"  (your custom educational piece)

*Includes: Demo and checklist for your chosen  "Virtual Magnet" asset, (PDF, Audio, Video, Livestream, etc.).

*Bonus: We're showing you how build your first 100 person email list filled with people who who WANT to hear from you about your offer.  (Or add 100 to YOUR email list). 

BIG BONUS - limited time only:

The acclaimed $1997 Feeler First Program

Additional (free) Bonuses:

1) $3750 Sales Letter and exact word breakdown. How an affiliate for a program of ours that showed "how to run your own opportunity meetings"  sold 217 programs for $297 in 12 days. 

2) Mr. Rogers 6 minute speech that earned him $20 Million Dollars. Word for word breakdown so you can use for YOUR email, postings and Talking on phone.

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